Perspective Possibilities

It is all on perspective!

I was up way too early this past Sunday morning.

I decided to do some universally forced revamping of my website while enjoying sipping coffee and watching a movie called Collateral Beauty.

I have always been drawn to looking at everything from different perspectives.

It will instantly shift something from stuck to possible, solid to flowing, limited to expanded!

There was a part just now in this movie where they were discussing their business motto

“Find your Life,

Shed your Skin!”

Then, one of the characters said to one of the owners,

“Notice how you feel when you say it this way…

“Shed your Skin,

Find your Life!”

I would love for you to change your perspective in the areas of













I would love for you to switch your ‘wording’ and refind

your power

your hope

your abilities

your courage

your strength

your believe(not belief)

your heart

your love

your happiness

your laughter

your freedom

your own boundaries

your own space

your own peace

your own calm

your own creativity

your own stillness

your own relax


One saying I have always been drawn to is

“Not all who wander are lost”.

At one point in my life, through deep reflection, through deep contemplation, I changed my perspective on it.


Not all who WONDER are lost.

That little ‘switch’ empowered me to change my negativeness within a certain situation to giving my Self permission to be okay with reflection.

That is was okay to Wonder rather than Think.

To reflect upon the deeper meanings of my life’s path.

To reflect upon the possibility of emerging rainbows in the stormiest pasts,to enlightening the darkened pathways I walked, the freedom and release from the quagmires of certain chapters of my journey and to gift my mind the greatest gift of the probability of peace and acceptance!

What favours can you gift your Self?

What freedom can you gift your Self from the locked up stuckness?

What simple switch can you create to gain flow once more in your journey?

Here is one of my other favourites.

The Universe gifted me the first line once upon a time.


after an AH HA Moment, the second line came to my awareness!

I share this often with many many people in hopes of their embracing it for their own journey!

Their journey in

their heart,

their mind,

their heart,

their life!

“To be willing to release, we must be willing to embrace.

To be willing to embrace, we must be willing to release.”

I would love for you to share your epiphanies so others may take that first step of choosing a different perspective?


Laura Haslen

Spirit Hands Healing

With Love,



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