Do you make time to create stillness?


In your Heart?

In your Mind?

In your Thoughts?

In your Day?

In your Life?

Feeling a sense of disconnect or discord within Self?

Within Life?

Gift your Self (Body, Mind and Spirit)













-Ability to say No

-Ability to say Yes


-Self Care

-Loving Self Talk

-Friendship within one’s Own Self

-Time Off

-Tuning in to Self

-A Long relaxing Bath

-Beautiful Music

-A special meal

-A Sit in Nature

-A Guided Meditation

-A Journal to express and heal

-A Journal to leave a legacy, a story

-Photograph Moments, People, Nature, Life

-Connect with Loved Ones ( alive or crossed over)

-Go deeper within to polish your Internal Light

-Reclaim, Restart, Research, Remember what creates a passion for You in life again

-Paint, Sing, Dance, Cook, Create, Draw

-Get a Hairstyle, A Colour, A new article of clothing, or Something new

-Clean out a space of Yours

-Give something away

-Smile at everyone today

-Hold doors open

-Let fresh air in

-Cleanse your home

-Learn something new

-Ask questions

-Give Loving Guidance or Reassurance

-Honestly Compliment someone today or even your Self

-Just do something


“The obstacles to finding my True Essences dissolve within the Peacefulness I only access within Stillness”

I wrote those words a year ago while I took time off to be in nature for almost a week at the end of November.

The photograph is actually from my escape into nature!

My yearly family escape into nature….


but it refreshes the weary, the heart and soul, the mind and reconnects all

of me on such a deeper level.

I was sitting in the woods listening to nature awakening, bundled up on a very chilly morn and yet toasty warm.

My breath escaping and dancing right in front of my eyes, eye lashes dewed with frost, and not a soul nearby.

Watching the birds flitter about and amazed by the conversation amongst their clans.

I was attentive and at peace within this cold world waking up.

I was simply breathing.

I was simply listening.

I was simply watching.

I was simply feeling.

It was in this simple stillness and in such a peaceful setting that I simply sat.

Feeling the energies awaken all around and within.

I, in time, reconnected with the ME shelved away during this past stressful chaotic year.

It was within this stillness that I saw the layers of beautiful creation not the ugliness of what got me to where I was now…

after all that storminess of the past year…

I was understanding now the purposes of some storms I had endured.

I began to connect the twists and turns and connect the dots of those tough choices I was faced to make.

I saw through the facade of hardships and came to the elation of what growth and healing I had accessed without consciously being aware of it step by step.

I was now embracing nature’s golden moments!

This past year had been tough.

A lot of decisions had to be made.

A heaping pile of Self Reflection, forgiveness and acceptance was gone through without truly realizing it!

BUT, here in stillness, here in peacefulness….

I found ME.

The more loving ME.

The more understanding ME.

The more forgiving ME.

The more patient ME.

The more happier ME.

The more accepting ME.

The more connected ME.

The more healed ME.

The more sharing ME.

The more peaceful ME.

The more aware ME.

The Wiser Me.

Without this time I had chosen to create, I may have wandered in life for another month or two or even longer NOT realizing how far I had come in a time where all I felt was faltering, stumbling and frustration!

My epiphanies would not have been raised

to the surface and brought me joy, had I not gifted my Self this time alone in the cold yet beautiful Nature that I am so lucky to access and choose to exchange with.

Gift your Self time to be in stillness.

Gift your Self time to be in peacefulness.

Gift your Self to reply to the invitation of connection with nature and breath, awareness and beauty.

Sat. Chit. Ananda.

These are a simple yet powerful mantra!

It is defined as

Existence. Consciousness. Bliss.

The universal power of Brahma.

Laura Haslen

Spirit Hands Healing

With Love,



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