Goals, Hopes and Shifts

Goals, Hopes and Shifts.

Keep practicing all month long to improve, shift and make the changes you are aiming for.

Who cares if it is January!

Do this every month!

Don’t put high expectations only on one month.

Every month set a goal, a wish, a hope and a shift that you can focus on to create💞

Did you know…

It takes a minimum of 3 weeks to break habits, make changes, and/or create open doors or to finally close some doors.

1st week- Body Changes Week

(exercise, stretching, walking, food intake, measuring, diet focus, letting go)

2nd week-Mind Changes Week

(letting go of belief systems, fears and doubts surface, shifting perspectives, thinking of deeper layers to go into or making excuses to avoid making changes within the mind)

3rd week-Spirit Changes

(this is the week IF we have stayed focused and have successfully made it this far with our goals…

our spirit, our heart, our ability to have changed patterns, beliefs or opened doors starts to become a reality!

We actually have a feeling within ourselves of success, Faith and Trust.

We start to feel the changes, we start to live within those changes more earnestly and honestly…

THEN by the end of week 3…

we start to shift once more to begin to peel back the next layer without even realizing it!)


1st Week again- Positive Body focus or quit physically attempting all over again

2nd Week- Mind changes for beliefs of battles or successes

3rd week- Spirit Changes inner knowing or lose


To stay focused,

pay attention to what week you are in…

choose words to help you through changes and shifts.

If in the Body week –

keep physically working at it

If in the Mind week –

keep the mind focused on positive, inspiring thoughts and actions and also letting go of mind baggage

If in the Spirit week-

focus on how you are feeling within and choose wonderful things to do, to say, or feel or touch to keep Your spirit alive and energized to prepare for Body Week again 💞

Self Love, Self Awareness and Self Forgiveness are big big big factors when self work is at play.

Be kind.

Be loving.

Laugh more.

Stop the world and Just Be.

Listen to beautiful music.

Listen to guided Meditations.

Deep breathe daily.


Get outside!

Connect with Nature.

Connect with Self.

Stop Judging Self and others.

Allow peace to enter and stay.

Allow beauty to catch your attention more and daily.

Look at more sunrises.

Sit and enjoy more sunsets.

Get outside, close eyes and feel the sun and wind on your skin.

Take time to look at the stars and constellations.

Sit close with people in silence and just be.

Read a book that lets you escape.

Write poetry or colour.


Create positive affirmations.

Reminisce about wonderful memories or ask someone else to share their happy memories.

Try something new.

Get a massage or reflexology.

Rub your feet, legs and hands.

Massage your face and head with your eyes closed today.

Ask for a shoulder massage or give one!

Draw and doodle.

Wear something nice Or nostalgic.

Ask your Loved One who has passed away to come close to you today and let you know they are close. Ask them to give you a loving energetic hug!

Book that appointment.

Let go of something that clutters your mind.

Embrace something your heart longs for.

Make that dessert or meal you have always wanted to try.

Make a favourite meal from your past!

Make that old family recipe that always reminds you of someone or an event or of love.

Give someone a compliment.

Give yourself a compliment!

Look in the mirror and smile lovingly at Self!

Wink at Self and try not to laugh about the childishness of that silly action.

(Let that inner youthfulness come up to The surface more)

Curl up with a warm blanket and watch a movie that touches your heart or makes you laugh from the core.

Every day, you have a choice…

many many many times in each day…

Choose wisely with a loving heart and great changes and shifts will come naturally!

Laura Haslen

Spirit Hands Healing

Yours Truly,

With Love and Light,



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