Life is Too Short

Focus On Love

Today, what will you choose to focus on to help raise your vibrations, shift your perspective, increase positivity, embrace more gratitude, create thankfulness and fill Self up with Love Energy?

By simply redirecting our focus, we create a much more loving environment within our Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit!

Doing this daily for a month will create great shifts and lightness within.

I do hope you practice focusing daily on Love Energy this month and create wonderful habits and positive feelings, emotions and thoughts!

Today, my daily Focus On Love is surrounding the theme of

“Life is too short to not feel love daily!”

Last night, I was joking with my husband that when I die, he should put that sentence on my gravestone if he chose to get me one. 😉 (it’s a joke between us that he can just bury me in the backyard lol)

If there is anything I would

Like to be remembered by…. it would be this sentence…

“Life is too short to not feel love daily!”

I live by that sentence daily now and have been increasingly allowing that more and more into all aspects of My life.

There have been many experiences that have left me sad, broken, bitter, angry, hurt, alone, rejected, feelings of unloved BUT I have found greater reasons to create A more positive outlook rather than staying stuck in the cycle of hurt.

I have forgiven Self many a time. I have forgiven many others and experiences.

I have allowed my Self (Body, Mind and Spirit) to fill my own Self up with Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Laughter and Self Care.

So, today, I will celebrate my ability to have learned to fill my own energy banks and mind with healing love.

I will focus on my awarenesses and acceptances that has helped me to be a better person, a more loving person towards Self, a more loving compassionate person to All


that Life is REALLY too short to not let go of what darkens our hearts, minds and souls.

Today I celebrate that I learned to love me.


Laura Haslen

With Love,



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