The Beauty Of Forgiveness

Beauty is within each moment.

Forgiveness is a gift to Self that awakens beauty all around us.

Growth is within each experience.

Learning is within each chapter of life.

Evolving is expanding self through Forgiveness.

Peace comes when we begin to forgive for our own sake.

The Unforgiven is-

Hidden in shadows.

Hidden within dark times.

Muddled throughout the mind.

Aching in the heavied heart.

Re-enacted emotionally time and time again…

But ONE day, Your heart whispers. “It’s OK to now let go and forgive… I want to show you something”

Simply deep breathe, relax and open to gift of forgiveness.

I have learned to forgive that bully for teaching me to find my voice and stand up for what is right.

I have learned to forgive the events and experiences that broke my world into a million pieces for that helped me appreciate my ‘mosaic’ side more.

I have learned to forgive the person who couldn’t love me, for that awakened me to loving my own beauty through self-love.

I have learned to forgive that abusive person, for they taught me it was time to raise my own bar of acceptance.

I have learned to forgive that controlling person, as I realized it was actually my own healthy boundaries that I had to create and honour.

I have learned to forgive that person who had judged me harshly a long time ago and over time I recognized and welcomed that beautiful ME in that mirror and now love her more.

I have learned to forgive that person and their death that stopped my world as I can now relish all those loving memories since forgiveness calmed my Grief storm and it began to eventually subside.

I have learned to forgive that person who could not give me what I needed or wanted, as that gift taught me it was MY responsibility to fill my own hollow emptiness all along.

I have learned to forgive that impatient angry person, for they taught me that we all have unresolved hurt and grief deep down inside and sometimes is expressed through anger. That revelation taught me it’s OK to forgive and gift everyone compassion but first for me and then towards them.

I have learned to forgive my childhood as it taught me what a strong compassionate independent adult I have become because of those experiences. Once I opened to this gift, wonderful memories that had been stored away began to surface and my heart is healing further.

I have learned to forgive my friends or family for any hurt or harm as I was able to dig so deep within me to realize it was only me in the long run that kept re-activating and reliving those times and events. It was OK for me to turn the page now.

I have learned to forgive my past because without it I wouldn’t even be here.

And I really like HERE.

Best of all, I have learned to forgive me.

All of me.

Bits of me.

The good and the not so good of me.

What I have done and what I haven’t done.

What I have said and what I haven’t said.

What I could have, should have and would have but didn’t.

The harm or hurt upon others created through my actions, my words, my emotions or lack of.

A day came where I could not stay where I was stuck emotionally anymore.

My heart whispered “It’s okay now to let go and forgive. But let’s start with you.”

I then learned to make peace within me for my own choices, my own emotions and my own actions through the Beauty Of Forgiveness.

Was it easy sometimes?


Was it hard sometimes?


Was it sometimes challenging?

Honestly……. yes and even overwhelming at times.

Did I want to quit sometimes?

Ummmm… yup.

BUT I have learned it is SO much harder on me to NOT forgive.

Every day is a fluctuation of ease and grace, frustration and turmoiled emotions BUT the actions of forgiveness are a blessing compared to constant reliving the unlearned lessons for my experiences in this life over and over again.

Through gifting my Self forgiveness, I have found great strength, inspiration, perseverance, reverence, integrity, honesty, self love, self worth, self esteem, compassion, deeper understanding, patience, awareness, kindness, letting go, being open, accepting being vulnerable, humility and humbleness, and so much more within me that I had ever known.

I AM grateful for all the people, experiences, emotions and hardships that came before, teaching me these great lessons of life!

So, feel free to embrace my sage advice to give you a starting point of tapping into the Beauty Of Forgiveness.

Choose today to be Your Day…

Look at Self and whisper today “It is okay to let go now and forgive.”

Then choose each day to be Your Day!

With Love and Understanding,

Yours truly,



Laura Haslen

Spirit Hands Healing

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