Why Not?

Why Not?

Be aware of all energies encircling you. 

Be sense-itive to all that encompasses your space, life, emotions or mind.

Do not interpret.

Just sense and clear off any negative or low energies.

It is a beautiful time to sense the stillness and beauty of life. 

Embellish these energies. 

Laugh louder. 

Love more. 

Enthusiasm can become contagious.

Release all grayness, darkness, and sadness to the sunlight this month.

Imagine the sun’s rays pulsing through your body, skin, cells, emotional layers, energetic fields and mind. 

Layer by layer, let it penetrate.

Let the wind whisper to every hair, let it move and shift, let it lightly release all the stuck energies or blockages. 

Absorb the water elements, naturally flowing in life. 

Let the waves rise and fall upon your soul. 

Allow its rhythmic motion to wash away all that you are willing to now release. 

Allow the cleansing waves to gently pull off all that burdens you, leaving in place a clean filtered slate once more. 

Just as waves can leave a perfect canvas with the sand on the beach once they have washed over. 

The sound of water cleanses and purifies one soul, raises one spirit, refreshes one’s body and clears off one’s mind. 






Lose yourself.

Reconnect with the earth’s energy.

Walk barefoot.

Dig in the dirt. 

Lay on your belly to feel the natural energy enter into your body. 

Close your eyes.

Shut off your mind. 



This month is all about rejuvenation. 

It is about finding yourself within OUR system, not your system. 

Connect naturally. 





Lessen your restrictions that you set up on yourself.

If NOW is not the right time for you…?

When will you ever truly create the right time?

You may ask why, 

but I ask “Why Not?”

Laura Haslen

Spirit Hands Healing 

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