Ponder This-

How many of us are running around, laying around, or zombiefied in life from sheer exhaustion?

How many of us WANT vibrant health, better looking bodies, healthier relationships, easier more fulfilling jobs and restful recharging holidays!


Exhaustion does not raise the Vibration of Heart which is required to implement the Energy of Self Love and Self Care๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’ž

I had a cancellation this morning, so off I went to my pasture for a bush walk with my goats and dogs. A great way to find my Self and recharge my energy banks!

As I witnessed leaves falling, noticed all the fallen leaves, the sense of closure within nature, the smell of dampened cool earth, the warmth of sun and wind refreshing my soul…

I reflected upon exhaustion…

Exhaustion of Body

Exhaustion of Mind

Exhaustion of Heart

Exhaustion of Soul

Exhaustion of Spirit

With exhaustion we can not truly extend vital work within us or around us!

Without exhaustion, we would naturally feel more inspired, more loving, more carefree, more uplifted!

Is all the stress we create by over extending ourselves really worth it on so many levels?

Have a fruitful day!

Laura Haslen

Spirit Hands Healing

Yours Lovingly,



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