The Gift of Fears and Doubts

A locked door stands before you.

The ‘unknown’ exists beyond that locked door.

The lock is the base of your current fear or doubt of Self.

It may be-

Fear of Trust,

Fear of Faith,

Fear of Self,

Fear of Surrender,

Fear of Embracing,

Fear of Change,

Fear of the Unknown, Etc.

Within your heart is your key which perfectly aligns to this door.

This door will continue to keep reappearing in your life until one day… one breath…

one release…

one acceptance…

one choice…

one surrender…

one leap…

You suddenly reach for the key and unlock your Door of Fear and Doubt.

Then Freedom washes over.

Change washes over you.

Options open up to you.

Vibrations and emotions change within you.

Vibrations and emotions change around you.

Life still goes on 🤗

Chaos or Peace may welcome you behind this door BUT…

BUT now, this new room has you in a new chapter and there is always an adjustment period.

Just Breathe.

TRUST there are always gifts waiting for you there!

Take a deep breath daily and give your Self (Body, Mind and Spirit) permission to grow, expand, heal, grow, let go, embrace, and connect.

Release the doubts.

They are only ‘creations’ to keep you doubting

-your next growth, your next healing moment, your next awareness, your next shift to happiness or peace, your next connection with Self, new connections with others, your next career move, your next acceptance or love of Self.

Release the fears.

Fears are a true gift to our own Self.

They hold us back from our own true reality.

They hold us back from our next step.

They help us resist our own Light.

They are a huge hint to the next missing piece of our own puzzle of Self.

We all need to have fears and doubts in place within our worlds for us to be challenged to embrace our own Self and Light, growth, strengths, truths and healing.

We are not meant to live forever in fears and doubts.

They are our teachers to encourage us to change, to find faith, to deep breathe in life, to live within our lives, to thrive, to shine, take a leap in trust that all will be well, open up to our courage and strength and so much more.

Reach within for that perfect key to open to the great unknown!

In truth, the UnKnown is a Truer Version of Self waiting for you to embrace.






More Balanced

More Connected

More Loving

More Self Loving

More Accepting

More Self Accepting

More Trusting

More Trusting of the Universe

More Trusting of Self


Crossroads/Locked Doors appear within our lives as a great gift to better align our Self to Our True Path in alignment with such greater purposes of finding Self.

You hold your own keys to your own locked doors.

Look within.

Reach within.

Come within.

Open up within.

Let go of the fear or doubt that holds this next door from Opening.

Take a chance with Self.

Find your own Faith In Self.

Increase your own Trust in Self.

Go a deeper layer within Self-

Self Love

Self Awareness

Self Care

Self Esteem

Self Forgiveness

Self Healing

Self Acceptance

Self Worth


You have opened hundreds of doors already within this lifetime.

Every single soul came to experience suffering of the Body, Mind or Soul.

Not one single soul is meant to stay in suffering in Body, Mind and Soul.

With Love,



Laura Haslen

Spirit Hands Healing

Spiritual Medium

Spiritual Counselling

Energy Healer

Akashic/Intuitive Healer and Teacher

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