Pen of Life, Pen Your Life

New Page

New Year

New Story

New Outlook

New Beginning…

What if you started with this idea every day, not just January 1st?

Today can create great changes BUT what if you lived with this idea every day?

Every day is a new page.

Every day is a new story.

Every day is a new outlook.

Every day is a new beginning.

At the rise of each day,

what do you want to ‘bring’ to this day?

At the rise of each day,

-you can choose how you will react

-what emotion will you choose to drive your day

-what are you willing to release

-what are you willing to embrace

-what simple change are you willing to try

-what habit do you want to stop

-what new attitude do you want to live by

-what mantra will be your rock for the day

-what belief can you let dissipate

-what truth can you solidify

-what area of health are you willing to improve

Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually

Energetically, Inwardly, Outwardly

Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart, Soul

At the end of the day

-what are you excited to write out and share with the world

-what are you grateful to keep as a memory

-what change did you strive for and were successful at any level

-what did you focus on with positivity

-how did you share this glorious day of life with others

-what kindness did you extend to Self or others

-what compliment did you give or finally embrace

-what beauty did you stop and take time to notice, feel or share

-what content will be on each page on each day that you write created from choices you made in each moment?

No one else has your Pen of Life!

You are your own Author!

Pen Your Life!

What type of pen or pencil do you see your Self writing with…

(use your imagination and let it float up to the surface)

Mine is an imagined long beautiful blue feather quill pen with a glass inkwell!

Now, what type of paper do you imagine you will write on?

Mine is old papyrus scroll paper which needs tender loving touch and respect. 💞

Use your imagination every morning to create your upcoming day through choices.

Tap into honesty when you reflect at the end of each day.

Take ownership of the good, the not that bad and the ugly as they say.

It was only one minute, one hour, one day or one moment that you may have stumbled with but through awareness, you can try again tomorrow or let it go.

One of my favourite mantras I was gifted from Spirit was “I only need to do better than yesterday.”

Have a Spectacular Day within each of the next 365 days!

Laura Haslen

Spirit Hands Healing

With Life and Love,



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